Patient and Caregiver Survey

Feedback and Comments

“Keep a positive attitude, stay healthy and maintain a balanced social relationship.”  -Philadelphia, PA

“Follow recommended guidelines, stay safe”  – Durham, NC

“Important everyone adhere to safety measures such as social distancing.”   – Jacksonville,  FL

“Everyone need to take this serious”  – Boston, MA

 “My major concern is the well-being of the patients, survivors and families of the PHEN Network. ” – Thomas A. Farrington 

“I am supposed to start cyber knife treatment soon but do not want schedule thrown off” – Boston, MA

“Stress is my main concern knowing that my immune system is low and Hot flashes vs Temperature / fever. Now is the allergy season and the itchy throat, nose & sneezing vs symptoms of COVID-19. Just finished radiation to the chest and slight discomfort to the chest vs shortness of breath as a symptom of COVID-19.  So all of these bring on stress.” – Boston, MA 

“Concerned about health providers being infected” – Baltimore, MD